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The style of the Anyfin icons are based on the rounded corners of the cubes in the Anyfin symbol. They are simple, usable graphics which are effective at a small size, but also work very well when scaled up.


Icon development & Illustration





cover icons.png

Anyfin icons are constructed on a 24x24 pixel grid with a 2 pixel stroke (@1x) and a 2px margin within the 24 pixel grid.
It may not be present in all cases, but for the majority of icons the rounded edge is incorporated, in at least one part of the icon, as a reference to the styling of the Anyfin symbol.

Anyfin icons can either stand alone or be contained within a circle. A single icon is half the size of the circle and centered. There are two color options for these icons, light (Sand) and dark (Anyfin Black).

Icon set light.png
Icons in use-2-3D.png
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