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Incrediwear is the promise of achieving your fullest potential, your ideal self, the ultimate expression of your physical capabilities.


Identity & Branding, Web & Modelling 





Active performance means different things to different people. Incrediwear 
offers products to empower individuals in pursuing personal performance
goals and healthy living. Incrediwear is the promise of achieving your fullest potential, the ultimate expression of your physical capabilities. 

As a part of the brand refresh phase, the logo was reinvented, and in order to build up the new website, a series of photoshoots were done. In this way, a new photographic style, representative of Incrediwear core values, became the future look.


The photographic styles used for this project follow the three different branches of the Incrediwear brand. 

MOVE: The images in this category need to convey a positive spirit and a high level of optimism where the troubles of the world are left behind. Sunlight oriented and when necessary use artificial direct spotlighting
to mimic the suns position.

RECOVER: This section is intended to portray Incrediwear products being used in a medical setting. Lighting is bright and clinical with a subtle warmness to the coloring or the shot.
PERFORM: The performance category targets the athlete, the competitive sportsperson that will stop at nothing to be at the top of their game. The photography conveys power, focus and energy befitting of the professional athlete. Color balance is cooler than MOVE or RECOVER, utilizing dark blues, greens and grey’s to make the images feel more powerful and aggressive.

Brand's Voice

Life is incredible. Live the extraordinary, every day. Today’s challenges are tomorrow’s victories. Recover rapidly, effortlessly, come back even stronger than before. It’s your life to be lived, without limits.

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