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{ reminiscences of an attitude }

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A ballet dancer, even when retires, never stops being a ballerina. From postures to poses, the art of dancing effects her life, no matter the environment she’s in, on a daily basis.  





This project takes inspiration from the famous Ballerina Project by New York City-based photographer Dane Shitagi.

With over one million followers on Instagram, Ballerina Project has the largest network of followers in the world for ballet and has become an online phenomenon.

The work of Shitagi has a span of over eighteen years, which made Ballerina Project become the most significant, unique, and creative photographic archive of renowned ballerinas in the modern world. 

The Book

The Womb is the title of the book that collects the results of a collaboration between 3 different photographers, a ballerina, and a graphic designer. It intends to represent the cradle of a very ancient art, that is mother to a big number of creative people around the world.


The project desire is to place ballerinas/dancers in different San Francisco and Californian

environments to create a mystifying atmosphere in their collaboration. A specific feeling is described and the ballerina/dancer interprets it in her own unique, gracious way. There are interactions with different elements of nature, urban landscapes, and other individuals.

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