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The brain is the main resource we have, the hand is the tool. Together they can create magnificent things. Handwriting is the soul, the center point of all of it. Handwriting skills boost creative thinking and help generate the flow of ideas, as well as motor skills, brain capability, and writing task—like putting ideas into language that is organized.


Identity & Branding, Print & Environmental, Digital & Web



This project focuses on providing solutions to what research reports as an increasing problem: less and fewer children utilize handwriting, which could lead to a reduction in brain development. Scribble Project takes action by creating accessible handwriting activities to have fun with handwriting, facilitating families in supporting their children in the practice of handwriting.

Furthermore, the focus is to facilitate the best practice of the hybrid handwriting style, mix of cursive, and printing, with kits and worksheets, and Online material.


In addition, Scribble Project creates tools, such as informational website, app, and book, for overcoming dysgraphia, the inability to write coherently, which causes frustration and distress in children.


Web & Mobile

Evidence points to handwriting being beneficial in addressing a condition called dysgraphia. Similarly to dyslexia, dysgraphia affects the ability to form speech content, to a written degree. According to the strategies previously established a series of deliverables were planned. For example, a series of informational material, inclusive of a book, website, with the access to an online blog, and an app to provide support and tips for families and educators that are struggling with children affected by dysgraphia.

Writing Kit

Scribble Project offers access to exclusive online support and a writing kit, to facilitate the best practice of D’Nealian handwriting alphabet. D'Nealian is a hybrid style that provides an easier transition between cursive and manuscript.

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