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TWA is a pioneer in bringing new worlds to people. And it now opens the doors of new worlds, by giving people access to something that they’ve never experienced. 


Identity & Branding, Print, Digital & Web



In today's marketplace, a brand is no longer simply a logo, but instead a highly considered and orchestrated set of elements meant to reach an audience – not on a visual level – but on an emotional one. This happens through the nuances of a holistic brand.

The project relies on the fundamental principles of identity design and the elusive craft of branding, in order to produce a collection of integrated collateral with a further exploration of culture, perception, symbolism, communication theory, history, design systems, and their application.

The Brand

Bringing a defunct brand back to life can be a great opportunity to create something that goes beyond the concept of a single service. TWA was in the past just a simple Airline company, associated with a specific airport. Now, thanks to a series of strategies, TWA is reborn as an extensive brand, with a broader operational area and a lot more services to offer. With solid belief and core values lays the solid potential for making great things happen.

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