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“Alternative medicine” is a term used for a broad range of treatments and practices that have not yet gained wide acceptance in the traditional medical community and so are not considered standard medical treatment, but in some cases, they could be very helpful and allow you to avoid the side effects of more typical drugs.


Print, Digital & Web



Modern medicine has achieved a lot in diagnosing, however, most treatments still focus on symptoms suppression rather than addressing the root cause. The purpose of this app and its line of complementary products is to provide with information and solutions that use existing natural remedies.

The Natural Remedy App is a one-stop source for an alternative view on medical information that covers some therapies, and remedies on common diseases and conditions. It uses a simple language, avoiding more complex medical jargon, making it easier for people to use. 


Web & Mobile

The Natural Remedy App is a one-stop source for alternative medical information that covers complementary therapies, remedies, and common medical diseases and conditions. It avoids medical jargon, making it easier for people to use.

Organic Beauty Products

An additional edition of organic beauty products made with extra care, and for all skin types, offers a holistic experience for better healing. They can be found on the website, and for a better experience, The Natural Remedy App offers also in-app purchases. 

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